Green Homes Grant Vouchers

up to £10,000 off the cost of home improvements

£10,000 Vouchers available to UK homeowners - The Green Homes Grant:

So what is the Green Homes Grant? Homeowners can receive up to £10,000 for energy saving home improvements under the new Green Homes Grant voucher scheme. The UK Government have announced a pot of funding of £2billion in order to reduce energy usage and reduce our Carbon footprint.

The vouchers are available for homeowners and residential landlords receiving £5,000 vouchers for improvements such as Solid Wall Insulation, Room In Roof Insulation and Double Glazing. The Government will contribute two-thirds of the cost up to a maximum of £5,000. Where the home owner is in receipt of certain benefits, they can receive up to £10,000 with zero contribution needed from them.

The vouchers must be applied for and the work installed before the end of March 2022 (original date was extended by a year) so will be on a first come first served basis.

Which Improvements Can I Get Done With A Green Homes Grant Voucher?

The voucher is available for two sets of home improvements, these have been separated into what we call ‘Primary and Secondary measures’

In order to qualify for a voucher you must have at least one of the Primary measures installed – you can then claim extra funding for a Secondary measure up to the value of the Primary installation.

  • Solid Wall, Under-Floor, Cavity Wall or Roof Insulation.
  • Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pumps.
  • Solar Thermal.
  • Biomass Pellet Boilers.
  • Double or Triple Glazing/Secondary Glazing, when replacing single glazing.
  • Upgrade to energy efficient doors.
  • Hot Water tank/Appliance Tank Thermostats/heating controls.

How do you apply for A Green Homes Grant Voucher?

You can find out if you qualify by taking our quick survey (click apply now button).

We will then tell you which measures your property qualifies for based on the current energy efficiency of your home.

Before you can apply for the voucher you will need a quote from an approved installer – we are happy to arrange and provide this for you.

There is then a simple application process for the voucher which we will be happy to walk you through.  If you are in receipt of qualifying benefits you could a receive a voucher for £10,000 meaning the improvements to your home could be completed for free, requiring zero contribution from yourself.

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